A Pop hostel in Lisbon

Bluesock Hostel Lisbon is located near Avenida da Liberdade, between the city's historic district and the modern part. This boulevard, just over 1km, is home to many theaters, cafes, shops, monuments, and gardens. Like every project, all starts with an idea, an inspiration, and one dream. And the modern, underground Portuguese culture was in the mind of the whole young team of Empatias team that led the project. Grafitti, music, color, and fun were the main keywords. From a restored building, Bluesock Hostel Lisboa was destined to be an impressive building where no detail has been forgotten.


The big challenge started with the fact that the hostel was broad and bright thanks to the panoramic windows. So, Empatias team had to create a space to relax and enjoy sunny days in Lisbon, without losing its personality. The Colorful Moroso Chairs are without a doubt the main characters. The colors remind the graffiti and the underground scene that is spread all over Lisbon, that are made by artisans that use woven threads normally used for fishing nets, common in Portugal. Exotic textiles of fur, leather, python and woven materials come together to create a visual and tactile experience.

The icing on the cake of this lounge is the panoramic windows, however, was a need to create a double skin structure so the views from the interior offer limited visual delight. The choice was Decorative Metal MeshCurtains in the same colors of the chairs they control the light create different light games and maintain the underground and Rock&Roll vibe with the colorful chairs.


The rooftop need to be the place' to recharge all the vitamin C, so Empatias imagined a concept with warm colors, lush greenery, an array of colorful flowers, hedges, and more to create a serene getaway a true “outdoor oasis”. At night the Rooftop is illuminated with a led Tree, that brings a serene sanctuary that creates interesting interstitial spaces with all kinds of views. The colors were also chosen to bring back wild nature and dense vegetation and the warm feelings of sunny summer days. The main character of the rooftop is DE 600 Sofa by Vermobil. 

Public Spaces

Empatias team brought Rock&Roll and underground vibes to all public areas, so anyone that would at the hostel have the same energy as outside. The common areas result a mix of eclectic and boho styles with an edgy feel of rock’n’roll. A sleek dark blue sofa is placed right on the corner, purple upholstered round puffs created a look very contrasting opposite it. And the wood tables on the floor make the room more raw trendier and more modern. The spotlight is the main character adding the cinematographic and concert lights so important to the inspirations.


At the Bluesock Hostel, one's room is a place to recharge. Empatias team creates all rooms as ''sleep chambers. Upholstered headboards, padded walls, and a plush rug give the room a silence rarely found in Lisbon. And the smart layout, which, ensures each room feels larger than it is.