South Beach Hotel, Singapore: Laminan covers the Infinity Pool

Completed in 2016 after nine years of construction, the majestic complex of South Beach stands out in the heart of Singapore, occupying an entire block of the city, from the Marina Center to the Civic District. Conceived as a real sustainable urban district and consisting of four buildings that raise 23 floors for a total of 182 meters, the project structurally curated by the famous label of architecture Foster+Partners combines, on one hand, an innovative building with the requalification of the existing ones and, on the other hand, residential areas with places of hospitality, work, shops, cafes, restaurants and new public spaces.

Being faithful to the local concept of the “city in a garden”, each area includes green touches such as large roof gardens overlooking the Central Business District. A softened shape typifies the zone with its curved sections culminating in two impressive and sinuous towers.

The South Beach Hotel is exactly inside the south tower, at the 18th floor you can find the impressive Infinity Pool: a privileged point to enjoy a breathtaking view that Philippe Starck, curator of the interiors, wanted to characterize with the ceramics proposals by LAMINAM.

The architect chose the slabs of the collection Oxide to cover the spaces. Colored gray and 3+mm thick, these are available in several customized formats that, cut into geometric portions only apparently irregular that are indeed perfectly combined in a sort of modern mosaic, create a new and sophisticated optical illusion, an almost three-dimensional oxidized metal effect in which the matter seems to change color as the light modifies.

*Credits South Beach Singapore

  • Dates: 2007-2016
  • District area: 146 800m²
  • Towers height: 182m
  • Project: Foster+Partners (exteriors), Philippe Starck (interiors)
  • Materials: Laminam, Oxide Grigio / Various size