Surface Protection: the precious marble of the AthensWas Hotel in Athens

Located along the pedestrian street most representative of Athens (the Dionysiou Areopagitou), the AthensWas Hotel is opposite the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum, a few steps away from the Temple of Olympian Zeus and close to the Syntagma Square.

AthensWas is a Design Hotel™ conceived by the Greek studio Stage Design Office in line with the principles of classic Modernism and the style of the architectural Renaissance of Athens. Neat lines and natural materials, such as the Greek marble from different areas of the country and the sought-after local walnut, characterize it.

The protection of materials

FILA Surface Care intervenes with its expertise and products to protect and maintain precious surfaces. They carried out the washing and protection of materials such as black granite, Greek green marble and white pentelic marble – the same as the Parthenon and the Acropolis – and glossy ceramic laid in the interior and exterior areas, including the reception, the panoramic terrace, the lounge bar, common areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.

*photo credits Stage Design Office


The used solutions

The polished marble surfaces, sensitive to strong detergents, have been cleaned with FILACLEANER, a high-performance concentrated cleaner, perfect for the early washing of the most delicate natural stones.

The areas made of non-polished stone, such as those made of black granite, have been washed with the dewaxing and degreasing cleaner FILAPS87, excellent for the base wash of stones with natural or opaque finish.

The black granite of the lounge bar has been treated with the solvent-based color-enhancing stain protector FILASTONE PLUS, which maintains the original color of shiny natural stones, producing a reviving effect on all finishes. In particular, FILASTONE PLUS penetrates deep into the material, protecting it from stains or water and oily dirt; it does not yellow, resists UV radiations and provides enduring protection.

The coatings of the bathrooms, made of gloss polished ceramic, after laying have been firstly cleaned with DETERDEK, a concentrated acid detergent, and protected from stains with FILAMP90, a solvent-based stain protector. Perfect for the protection of tables and tops of bathrooms and kitchens, because suitable for contact with food, FILAMP90 is highly recommended against stains on marble, natural stones and ceramic with glossy finish, because it does not create a surface film and does not change the natural color of the surfaces.