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In Santiago, the first South America's bioactive hotel

A hotel with façades covered in Laminam bioactive surfaces was the first building to actively combat South America’s pollution in Chile’s capital

Ceramic pixels for IBeB's facade

The three-dimensional ceramic elements of the Agrob Buchtal's Craft series specially manufactured for the ETICS facade give the building an unmistakably plastic appearance

Shackerley’s SureClad® Façades rejuvenate Bracknell High Street

Ventilated façade specialist, Shackerley, has played an essential role in creating a cohesive new high street for Bracknell in Berkshire.

Bright ceramics for new Belgrade Plaza in Coventry

The effect of light-hued ceramics and their reflective finish is that it makes the tower appear more airy, and lights it up, adding some welcome brightness to Coventry. 

Award-winning Facade of USF-SP's Tiedemann College of Business recalls native coral

The innovative façade of Lynn Pippenger Hall recalls native coral in an award-winning and ecofriendly building envelope

Tutorial: Façade installation with SureClad® Access System

The video shows how to install a ventilated façade using the SureClad® Access system developed by Shackerley:

The Made in Italy covers a new special building in Manhattan

In the center of Manhattan, the new residential tower combines architectural beauty and quality excellence thanks to its facades, designed, tested and built by Schüco Italia, in collaboration with Metal-Ser.

Verde Residence: a pop student accommodation in the heart of Newcastle

With its distinctive vibrant green glazed terracotta façade panels produced to order by SanMarco Terreal, the student building in Hill Court, Newcastle (UK) rises skyward like the prow of a huge ship. 

The renovation of "Stiftung Vivendra"

Preserving the past and building the future was the main concept behind the renovation project curated by L3P Architekten with Agrob Buchtal materials.