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Grassi Pietre presents the new eco-sustainable Alpi 4.0

Highly refined material, Alpi 4.0 is obtained by recovering the Vicenza Stone wastage process, Grigio Argento and Grigio Alpi, together with a cement-based mixture, without any addition of resin or other additives.

"Bump": a covering made with waste of Vicenza Stone

In Bump, residues of Vicenza Stone from Grassi Pietre’s quarries are restored to life thanks to the creative genius of the Debiasi Sandri design studio. 

Laboratorio del Marmo focuses on "Domino"

A line of tables explores the different declinations of Vicenza Stone.

Dialogue House, Arizona: light and stone between nature and structure

Located at the foot of the Echo Mountains in Arizona, the impressive residence is based on a careful analysis of desert natural lighting and its changes.

Grassi Pietre for the United Arab Emirates Pavilion

Designed by FOSTER+PARTNERS, the UAE Pavilion is one of the largest at Expo 2015. The Nanto-based company took care of the Emir's apartment, the flooring adjacent to the auditorium, and several staircases.