Grassi Pietre presents the new eco-sustainable Alpi 4.0

Grassi Pietre presents the new eco-sustainable Alpi 4.0, material suitable for internal and external floors and walls.

Highly refined material, Alpi 4.0 is obtained by recovering the Vicenza Stone wastage process, Grigio Argento and Grigio Alpi, together with a cement-based mixture, without any addition of resin or other additives. The grids of Vicenza stone composing the mixture vary in size from 2 to 4 cm. They change from the lightest gray to the darkest, touching accents of blue and highlight the delicate porosity typical of the stone. The result is a coarse-grained terrazzo effect, with an animated compositional rhythm that is never equal to itself.

Alpi 4.0 has a base slab format of 305X125 cm suitable to get standard or cut to size formats. This new proposal adds to the already wide range of natural materials (Vicenza stone and marbles) and the recent collections of wall tiles designed by the Debiasi Sandri studio, once again increasing the expressive possibilities of the Vicenza company's offer.