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SICIS arrives in Dubai

By the 8th November, the inauguration date of the Dubai Design Week, SICIS will have a new hub for the entire middle east: 150 sq. m. entirely dedicated to surfaces, especially the large formats that are the main ones in this new set-up.

A club room with lunar charm

Imagine you’re walking down a quiet street in Debrecen, Hungary. You enter a building with a neo-classical facade, just like all the others around it, and suddenly you are catapulted into a space that is totally removed from the real world.

Vetrite transforms the sunrays into energy

The collaboration agreement between SICIS and Glass to Power is born

New "Dimora Sicis" in Ho Chi Minh City

Sicis has opened in the city of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, ‘Casa D’Arte - Sicis Home Gallery’

Sicis: new opening in the Spanish capital

The leader of the high-end decorative mosaic Sicis opened a new showroom in Madrid, in the prestigious Ortega y Gasset Street of the Salamanca district.

Opened in Paris the new "Sicis House"

In the heart of Paris, a reference point for style and design, the Italian mosaic company Sicis has completely renovated its showroom located in 41 Rue François 1er 

Psychedelic visions for Sicis's new entry

The new ‘Electric marble’ combines marble natural texture with pigments resembling an electric fluid.

Application of Vetrite by Sicis

Vetrite is the new line of large sheets presented by Sicis, the famous italian mosaic producer. This video shows step by step, all the phases for the application of the surfaces, using the more suitable Litokol products for laying.

Lafodia Sea Resort: the construction and materials

The building of a modern four-star hotel, where luxury is combined with quality materials.

738 Broadway, New York: modern lofts among splendor and simplicity

A lavish four-apartment housing project that offers modern living spaces adapted to the Big Apple’s new upbeat generation while allowing the McKenna building to proudly remind of its industrial origin.

Starlike by Litokol for Sicis showroom in NY

Litokol products, especially Starlike® grout, have been used for the new showroom opened in New York by Sicis.

New Sicis showroom opening in London

The new space is meant to be used by architects and interior designers as a workroom for their international projects. In 2016, a new flagship store will be opened on the Fifth Avenue.