Hypertouch: the “emotional” surfaces of Iris Ceramica Group

Iris Ceramica Group presents Hypertouch, the innovative capacitive surface that enhances the functionality of the design beyond imagination.

Thanks to a retractable technology, by lightly touching the Hypertouch surface, an integrated system of home automation sensors is activated for switching on and off lighting, audio-video, windows and temperature control systems. Hypertouch enhances the design and continuity of the material, eliminating unsightly external plates and switches.

Hypertouch exploits an exclusive technology, conceived and patented by Iris Ceramica Group, applicable to the ceramic slabs distributed by the Group's brands.

Design, creative freedom and ease of use define the Hypertouch surfaces conceived to interpret a new way of designing interior spaces, in line with the contemporary needs of those who live there.

Hypertouch can also be chosen with Active Surfaces® properties: eco-active materials capable of degrading microbial agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds), pollutants and odorous particles.