Prodeso Drain by Progress Profiles


Prodeso Drain waterproofs, drains and decouples: from the world-class, Treviso-based manufacturer of technical and decorative profiles and installation systems, this versatile, multi-functional membrane helps produce perfect floors, with long-lasting results, in shorter times and with lower labour costs.

Moisture, water infiltration and inadequate drainage can cause major damage to outdoor floor coverings, which are constantly exposed to rain and weather. That’s why the job needs to be done to proper professional standards that ensure the integrity of the structure.

On the basis of thorough materials research and the experience of professional technicians, Progress Profiles has developed Prodeso Drain, a drainage membrane made of blue high-density polyethylene sheet (HDPE) with raised, 4.5mm truncated cones fashioned into its surface. A grey, water-permeable polypropylene non-woven fabric is welded to the top of the sheet, while the polypropylene spunbond underside ensures good adhesion of the membrane to the substrate.

The new membrane is doubly effective because it channels out any water that may have penetrated through the grouting into the adhesive layer, while also preventing the formation of salt marks and the emergence of triacetates from the adhesives.

After installation, the membrane facilitates drying of the adhesive, even when working with large-format ceramic or marble panels, and solves adhesive-related problems caused by freeze/thaw cycles.

With its high elasticity, the new membrane decouples the tiles from the substrate, thus significantly reducing cracking and breakage, and vents out vapour pressure even when floor coverings are laid over cracked, imperfectly cured screeds.

One membrane, multiple functions: Prodeso Drain significantly reduces construction time, makes it unnecessary to delay membrane installation until the time of tile installation, and can be laid over existing flooring, including damaged flooring, without removing it.

Once again, Progress Profiles presents an innovative product that combines high levels of functionality and versatility, thus facilitating the work of tile-setters and ensuring perfect, long-lasting results at all times.

All of Progress Profiles’ latest products will be on display at Cersaie 2019 in Hall 31 - Stand A11.