The Agape outdoor collection

Agape's new Outdoor Collection of washbasins, faucets, tubs, accessories expands the boundaries of the outdoor bathroom, where blue skies, rustling trees, and stimulating urban backdrops become natural and ideal complements to the Agape experience. The conversation is open, and the connections come naturally.

This vision of bathroom design is an architecture of the senses, complete in itself, yet always evolving. Good design is the unseen score of this symphony, with fine-tuned materials, functions, and emotions of an ever-changing ensemble that follow a process of lateral thinking that results in timeless works of design.

Iconic pieces of past and present span the decades and carve out new and unexpected spaces in the home, thanks to strong design and innovative materials.

The collection is a throwback to the Bjhon family of washbasins, created in 1970 by Angelo Mangiarotti as a flowerpot, and only later turned into a basin. Thanks to the emergence of new materials, today this timeless piece rediscovers its place outside of the home. The Ufo bathtub and the Carrara washbasin, classics of the Agape catalog, are joined in the Outdoor collection by the new Petra, Amuleto, and Open Air, along with icons such as the Vieques and Kaa series, the Handwash washbasin, and the DR and In-Out bathtubs, all re-imagined in materials suitable for harsh climates and resistant to atmospheric agents.

Strong materials and new finishes

The warm nuances of Cementoskin®, a cementitious material that performs well both indoors and outdoors, infuses new colors into the Outdoor collection.
The elegant and resistant Petit Granit marble makes possible an Outdoor version of Angelo Mangiarotti's iconic Bjhon washbasin. Agape also offers Cristalplant®, this time as a white, outdoor version, and introduces hypoallergenic silicone rubber in bold shades for some of the flexible elements of the collection.
Only high-performance steel is used for the Outdoor collection: the AISI304 alloy is joined by AISI316L, providing absolute resistance, even in a nautical environment.