Antoniolupi and Carlo Colombo present Bespoke

Antonio Lupi modernizes bath systems with a new collection of furniture and containers based on versatility. Bespoke is the name of the new entry designed by Carlo Colombo: it is based on containers made of essence of wood or laminate combined with aluminum doors with transparent or smooth crystal and bronzed or titanium finish, all united into Quarzomood, the material designed by Antonio Lupi, resin or wood.

The compositional freedom left to designers is clear considering the wide range of finishes and effects with opaque, embossed or glossy lacquering.

The linearity of the shapes is again the protagonist and is part of the minimal style that has constantly characterized the brand. Moreover, the new Bespoke represents the continuation of the long-term collaboration (started in 2003 with the Materia collection and followed by Pantarei in 2006) between Antonio Lupi and Carlo Colombo, both prominent in the international market of bathroom furnishings.