Cartesio: pop washbasins for Artceram

The new Artceram collection of countertop washbasins "Cartesio" clearly illustrates Meneghello Paolelli Associati’s idea of design regarding decoration and contemporary graphics. A three-dimensional description of graphic trends on a fashionable, fresh and functional collection of countertop washbasins.

Memphis design and minimal art are at the base of this collection, characterized by bright colours and simple geometrical combinations that loudly smack of the ’80 along with minimal solids and voids used at the beginning of the past century

 A small explosion of Pop art - in the bathroom area - harmonizing lines, pure geometry with standard functionality and ergonomics of mainstream countertop washbasins. The washbasin area is customized with an essential ornamental mark with the help of basins characterized by different shapes, dimensions and tops.

Dimensions of basins: oval version cm 58x36x12,50, squared version 44x44x12,50, rectangular version 58x44x12,50, round version cm 36x44