Ceramica Cielo presents Elle

CIELO Ceramica presents Elle, the ultra light suspended washbasin, elegant and chameleonic designed by Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano.

Linear design and square shape, embellished by the iconic softness of ceramics: in the beginning there is always the material, which in this proposal weaves an unprecedented dialogue between innovation and craft tradition. Elle Tonda, more rigorous and contemporary and Elle Ovale, more classical, are two contiguous universes each with their own aesthetic code.

The result of the constant stylistic research of Ceramica Cielo, Elle, with its minimal style, reinterprets the concept of space in the bathroom and offers endless combinations with maximum versatility. Through innovation, Cielo enhances the aesthetic aspect with a high degree of personalisation: the suspended washbasin, round or oval, is in fact offered in the 16 exclusive nuances of the Terre di Cielo colour palette. The possibility of completing the structure in painted steel - Matt black, Brushed bronze or Cemento - with towel rails, and bars for accessories

To emphasize the design of the model, becoming its hallmark in both versions, is the visual continuum guaranteed by the ceramic splash back. In the various combinations there is also a mirror - rectangular for Elle Tonda and oval with perimeter LED light for Elle Ovale. It enriches and completes the harmony of the project, Otto Tondo or Ovale, in the elegant pouf can be used as a container, a table or a seat. Otto Tondo is available in LivingTec in the colours of White, Brina and Arenaria, while Otto Ovale can be declined in 8 delicate colours of lacquered wood or 4 wooden Oak finishes. Both models of the pouf guarantee maximum personalization, thanks also to the cover available in 4 finishes – Rovere Naturale, Rovere Sbiancato, rovere Grigio or Rovere Nero wood.

The multiplicity of compositions of the elements – just the washbasin, the washbasin and pouf container, the washbasin, pouf container and mirror, the washbasin and mirror or mirror only - combined with Cielo's wide range of finishes, makes Elle an exceptionally customizable.