Chromatic and material research for the new products by The.Artceram

The chromatic and material research - the primary interest of The.Artceram - brought the company from Viterbo specialized in bathroom furnishing to present, during the last Cersaie 2016, new colors and finishes of bathroom fixtures and complements, with the aim of enlivening, once again, a place in the house increasingly influenced by the latest design trends.

With regard to surfaces, the brand investigates original textures and brilliant shades declined across the different proposals designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associates: velvet, cement and sand (this one made of eco-friendly mortar) combine the practicality of the ceramic with the impression of the innovative effects and the visual impact of colors like zync yellow, orange cameo, blue sapphire and gray olive.

Specifically, the new collection of bathroom fixtures A16 focuses on the integration of soft and pointed lines, whereas File 2.0, with its simple and rounded lines, is presented with the new system Rimless that includes the elimination of the inner edge of the water closet, maintaining the continuity of the ceramic.

The new washstands are instead based on space-saving: small in size, compact, rational and balanced, with thin edges, these aim at responding to different uses and spaces needs.

Moreover, special attention has been paid to design: Towel, the new entry of the segment of washbasins, take this name from its particular shape: a thin ceramic layer rests on the surface covering it like a fabric to then fall sideways to the cabinet side. Towel is a lateral semi-recessed, with a barycenter moved to the sides of the sink that determines a view different than the usual front layout.

A slight decorative sign then marks solids and voids in the collection Scalino, characterized by a geometric rigor mitigated by the thin edge. A true post minimalist manifestation, the step also serves to define the lateral space dedicated to taps and fittings, in the version in which they are directly inserted in the washbasin.