Fluido, a neo-classical elegance to modern bathrooms

“Fluido” series, the brand new product of ISVEA x Artisan Collection, brings a neo-classical elegance to modern bathrooms, providing a perfect balance between the intricacies of classical period Italian design and calmness of nature.

Designed by our newest design partner, Milan-based design studio JDDS (Jean David Damonte Design Studio), Fluido focuses on creating a natural balance in the bathroom, inspired by the simple and fluid lines of nature that avoid sharp lines.

While the Fluido sanitary ware family offers flexibility in terms of space usage and aesthetics with its countertop basin options of 47 and 60 cm in two different sizes, it offers superior hygiene and ease of cleaning with the wall-mounted toilet, fitted with Ultimate Flush technology, which completes the series.

ISVEA x tech @2023 Ultimate Flush technology offers an impressive cleaning experience similar to “waterfall” through flow of water in a special form.

In Ultimate Flush Technology, which allows water to pour slowly from a larger area, water scans the walls of the toilet in a circular motion using a special design and flow control, leaving no area unreached. Owing to its special flow control, it offers a quieter and more comfortable bathroom experience.

Fludio Series, coming with color alternatives from Colorisvea Color Palette such as Matte white, Ivory, Mink and Matte Black provides the user with liberty of choice for one's dream bathroom.

Fluido, bringing together calmness of nature and neo-classical elegance, combines quest for style and comfort. Fluido, where Italian gusto comes together with the natural flow of nature, makes the moments spent in the bathroom special.