Jacuzzi and the new multi-sensory bathtub

ARGATM, the new entry of the range Jacuzzi®designed in collaboration with the Why Not studio is much more than a tub, a true wellness experience indeed. Unveiled at Cersaie 2018, it shows a new product category, thanks to the SwirlpoolTM technology and the integrated infuser of salts and chromo therapy.

Its name (coming from the ancient Greek "slow") perfectly describes its concept, designed to be an instrument to get the complete relaxation and redefine the psychophysical harmony of body and mind.

In particular, SwirpoolTM technology generates a gentle but constant whirl of water, offering a pleasant massage; besides a silent and never invasive vortex, generated by discrete hydrojets implemented by light effects emitted by the integrated LEDs. The ARGATM technology also keeps water at the constant temperature you chose at the beginning of the bath experience, without the need to control it. The integrated LEDs by ARGATM allow you to enjoy the relaxing benefits of chromo therapy, with soft lightings that slowly and gradually fade into one another.

ARGATM includes in its profile an infusion tank of salts (developed by the Jacuzzi® experts) which spreads uniformly and integrally in the water thanks to the vortex generated by SwirpoolTM technology. The four essences available have names inspired by those of the Horae, the goddesses of the seasons in Greek mythology: Carpo, Thallo, Auxo and Eirene. They revitalize, regenerate, relax and ensure total balance.

The command center of ARGATM system consists of the touchpad. It has an essential shape and an oval profile; it is embedded poolside so is easily accessible when sitting or stretching out. It has three commands that can be activated to start the SwirpoolTM vortex, the chromo therapy function and the infused salts, which are placed in a tank beneath the surface.

The bathtub is available in two finishes - glossy acrylic white or satin white - and in the wall-mounted or freestanding versions. The sale is starting on January 2019 in all Jacuzzi®showrooms.