Kaldewei 2016 latest bathroom products

The latest 2016 products of the German company Kaldewei have been previewed at the Milan Furniture Exhibition: bathroom products are proposed in versatile, actual taste solutions, besides adding five coordinated washbasins families to the catalog.

Made in enameled steel and with 4 sizes available for each series, the washbasins represent a consistent expansion of the company’s range, including the classic design versions of the lines “Puro”, “Cono” and “Centro”.

In collaboration with the famous designer Arik Levy, the company expanded its high-end segment Meisterstück with a freestanding bath tub and a range of coordinated washbasins, characterized by the combination of rigid geometries and soft shapes, which can attract the viewer's attention. The sink Meisterstück Emerged is a complementary object with respect to the bath tub of the same name, with which stands in perfect harmony proposing again its main features.

The line Silenio, designed by Anke Salomon, instead consists of a series of bathtubs and coordinated washbasins, peculiar for their smooth and harmonious forms.

Among the latest Kaldewei products, you can find also Skin Touch, the bathtub that uses the oxygen revitalizing effect to offer a true wellness treatment. Water is enriched with fine air bubbles, up to 100 times smaller than that of the whirlpool, significantly increasing the oxygen content which is followed by an immediately perceptible anti-aging effect. The model is integrated flush-to-floor with the side walls of the tub, without however impacting further in terms of noise.

Another new product is Scona, the first shower tray of the line Ambiente, the middle segment of Kaldewei, available with a fully glazed flush-to-floor drain’s cover, for an installation with material and uniform color.

In comparison with the flutes of the tiled showers, with the ultra-flat drain KA 90 construction heights of only 61 mm can be made, ensuring a great advantage in the renovation of existing bathrooms. Moreover, the 44 formats offer architects and installers greater flexibility in the design of the flush-to-floor shower areas that can be applied to any space, both in new buildings and in the renovation of existing ones.