The latest products Agape for the bathroom

A mix of materials and design characterizes the latest products Agape for the bathroom that extend the range of products with different finishes and shapes, that are also the result of new production technologies.

The bathtub Cuna is one of the newest products: designed by Patricia Urquiola, it is made of thermoformed Solid Surface, with a tubular steel supporting structure. Lariana has instead a compact linearity, alternating gentle curves and definite cuts in the lapel of its double casing.

DR, designed by Studio MK27, Marcio Kogan, Mariana Ruzante, introduces a new finish with an external Rain C black mosaic (Tokujin Yoshioka design) by Mutina.

Moreover, Drop (Benedini Associati design) is a composition of bathroom elements characterized by the intertwining of a functional, formal and technological research.


The bathtub was created to give the opportunity to those who use it to take different postures thanks to the different inclinations of the supporting surfaces and to enable the simultaneous use to several people.

In-out, (Benedini Associati design) is part of the new range of the white Carrara marble solutions, available in black Marquinia or in other stones or marbles.

Furthermore, Marsiglia (Lucidi, Pevere design) uses the bio-based Cristalplant® material. It is particularly suitable for small spaces due to its regular shape and the reduced length.

Next, Plan-a (Mario Tessarollo and Giulio Gianturco design) is a shower characterized by an apparent constructive simplicity, that is the absolute strength of the project: a bar connects the crystals and welcomes the rotation pins of the door.

Interior design proposals, ranging from furnishings to accessories, complete the bathroom signed Agape.

Graphic elements close to a neoplastic language and archetypical signs, such as the line and the point, are the inspiration of Dot Line, collection of aluminum accessories covered with wood finishes, signed by García Cumini.

Ell (Benedini Associati with Andres Jost and Diego Cisi design) is a new washbasin top, light and with a high configurability made of white Corian® or marble of different type. Just 4 cm thick, it then tapers up to 1 cm on the edges, the top is 50 cm deep, available in customized lengths ranging from 80 and 260 cm. The top is self-supporting or lays on the Lato containers line.

Lato (Benedini Associati design), a line of containers characterized by large dimensions and many finishes on the doors made of different types of wood.

The containers can be combined with the top/washbasin Ell and on the upper side you can place the supporting washbasins. Wood, marble, leather and glass are used for the doors of the containers.

Eclissi is instead the name of the two mirrors with different depths and diameters, contrasting for proximity and relative position.

With regard to taps and fittings, the new version in brushed burnished enriches Memory line, while Square has been extended by the addition of new dimension proposals: one-hole groups for washbasin, bidet and bathtub and wall recessed groups with reduced plate. Moreover, there is also a technological innovation in the series: the new groups for shower and bathtub functioning with a thermostat.