Marcel, Ceramica Cielo: a washbasin unit inspired by the Bauhaus

Ceramica Cielo presents Marcel, the new washbasin unit whose concept is inspired by the sinuous and rational shapes of the Bauhaus. Moreover, the designers Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano reinterpreted from a modern perspective the elegance and essentiality of furniture made of curved solid wood and Vienna straw, a distinctive feature of the Thonet family.

Marcel is another step in the company’s design path in which artisan tradition and innovation interact: the outcome is an iconic model seizing the essence of the past and the new trends in living as well.
Ensuring an aesthetic continuum between the elements, artisanship is the central idea behind this exceptional proposal: the skilful use of ceramic modeling, in its different sides, synergistically combines with the cabinetmaker skill of ash bending and the refined reed weaving (Vienna straw).
As a key element, ceramics makes the washbasin extremely pleasant to both the eye and the touch. Available in the suspended or countertop versions – on structure or on surface – the latter is proposed in glossy white and in the matte and glossy shades of the color palettes “Terre” and “Acque di Cielo”.   
The structure makes Marcel even more functional and unique: it is embellished by the sinuous design of the dresser - with the front covered of Vienna Straw - both available in ash wood, natural or black stained.                                                                                                                                                               
The Marcel mirror cabinet, with double door and front in Vienna Straw, completes this iconic piece, making the bathroom area even more distinctive: recalling the cover of the chest of drawers, it ensures the maximum stylistic coherence and compositional freedom.