A new "Flo" for Kerasan

Kerasan innovates the ceramic bathroom furniture collection Flo, known for its rounded and timeless lines. Designed by Simone Anzellini for the company from Civita Castellana (VT), all bathroom fixtures are characterized by a perfect oval, which defines the basin of the sink and the profiles of the toilet bowl and bidet.

The washbasins, suitable for wall or countertop installation, are available in 5 formats: from 40 cm of width for mini bathrooms to 90 cm for larger spaces.

For the bathroom fixtures, there are many floor and wall-mounted solutions available: for small rooms, you can choose the low-profile version (48 cm deep); while, for renovations, they recommend toilets bowl and bidet with shifted drain, as it adapts to old systems without invasive interventions.

The collection also includes a close-coupled WC with integrated flush tank and rimless ones (Norim model) to save water and improve hygiene.

*technical info

  • Material: ceramic
  • Collection of wall-mounted and floor-standing bathroom fixture
  • Design: Simone Anzellini for Kerasan
  • Dimensions: washbasins 40x37; 50x40; 60x42, 70x42, 90x42 h 16.5 cm.
  • Floor-standing toilet and bidet in the depths 48, 52 and 56 cm (with shifted drain); wall-mounted toilet and bidet, depth 50 e 54 cm; close-coupled 36x60, h 86 cm; Wc Norim, size 52 (floor-standing) and 54 (wall-mounted).