The new "Iconic Solutions" for the bathroom by Kaldewei

The German Kaldewei focuses on intelligent solutions, which are increasingly aware of the latest interior trends, presenting the new “Iconic Solutions” for the bathroom.

Launched in preview at ISH, the new concept of shower Nexsys combines in a single system the advantages of an enameled shower tray and the width of the tiled shower areas. Moreover, there are also new washbasins, made of enameled steel and declined in different forms, among which the latest model Miena stands out for its fine and linear aesthetics.

What’s more, in 2017, the collaboration with Werner Aisslinger and Tina Bunyaprasit starts: using new design interpretations - GRID and TRICOLORE – they explore the decorative and distinguishing potentials of bathroom furniture.

In particular, with GRID, surfaces and volumes are dissolved in order to get an open structure. The elements of the bathroom appear light and seem to “float” in the air. In addition to the bathtub or the sink, the “grid” can be used to hang handy containers for accessories and products or to create an “urban jungle” with pots and plants.

TRICOLORE is based on two themes: on the one hand, a fascinating variety of colors revolutionizes the world of the bathroom, usually white and monochromatic; on the other hand, it translates the classic archetype of freestanding bath in a totally modern design in which the external part is enameled in two different colors. The third theme is the stand, a steel structure that seems to be cut by another bathtub.

Additionally, they have presented the bathtub Meisterstück Classic Duo Oval - freestanding with no joints coating - and Puro Set Wide - with a central drain and asymmetrical internal forms. The range is extended also by Cayono Duo, which can be matched with the enameled shower tray Cayonoplan.

For a further personalization of the bathroom outfitting, the brand enhances the products’ color palette by offering additional shades, ranging from the most natural brown to gray ones, from a pale cream to an elegant black.