New models for the washbasins T-Edge by Globo

The washbasins collection T-Edge, designed by CreativeLab+ for Ceramica Globo and previewed at Cersaie 2016, extends with new combinations and models for this next edition of the exhibition.

T-Edge combines a minimalist aesthetics with an exceptional functionality thanks to the innovative enamel Ceraslide®- developed by the company to provide greater resistance to stains and dirt - and the antibacterial treatment Bataform®, applied during the production to reduce the presence of germs and bacteria.

The line is available in the 14 colours of the chromatic range “Bagno di Colore”. Its best feature are the thin edges - only 6 mm thick - obtained with the introduction of the new patented mixture GLOBOTHIN®, which gives a reduced thickness, besides more hardness and brilliance.

The new mix involves less consumption of materials and energy, lighter pieces and greater ductility in defining new shapes. Certified laboratories carried out test that demonstrated - in accordance with the regulation UNI 4543 - excellent results in the absorption of water and the mechanical strength, ensuring a greater enamel glossiness, with an improvement of about 38% compared to the minimum thresholds required by the law.