Philippe Starck designs spectacular faucet range for Duravit

White Tulip is Philippe Starck’s first holistic bathroom collection for Duravit – including a complete faucet range. All the components have an extraordinarily refined air and the shape of a tulip in bloom is repeated throughout the range.

The French creator’s focus in working with Duravit was to create a legacy: “Working with Duravit means working consistently and for the long term towards sustainability and longevity.” 
With its expressive details and timeless design, combined with first-class workmanship and state-of-the-art technology, the range meets the highest standards. “It’s about minimal, timeless design and perfect quality,” summarized Starck.

From faucets for handrinse basins, washbasins, or above-counter basins: White Tulip opens up a range of options for the washing area.
Washbasin mixers are available in the “comfort” heights S, M, and XL. For example, the XL variant of the iconic washbasin mixer is ideal for washing areas with higher above-counter basins and creates an all-round elegant appearance – the crowning glory of the washing area.
Wall-mounting also affords additional individual design options. The delicately curved spout of the single lever washbasin mixer is impressive in the concealed variant. It is a perfect companion for example for the free-standing, monolithic White Tulip ceramic washbasin.

With the ample water jet and smooth ceramic cartridge, handwashing is a comfortable and pleasant experience. Flexible and simple, the tiltable aerator means that the angle of the jet can be tilted by up to +/- 10° as the user prefers. This variability also affords enhanced combination possibilities with washbasins and helps prevent annoying splash-over.

With faucets for the bidet, shower, and bathtub, Duravit further offers the perfect faucet for all other areas of the bathroom in the elegant and sophisticated design language of White Tulip.

Tender and graceful in its appearance, the single lever bidet mixer provides a pleasant and ample water jet. A ball joint enables the water jet to be directed as desired. 

A stand-out feature of the shower area is the concealed single lever shower mixer with its minimalist design and ease of operation – available with or without a diverter valve. With its minimalistic, gently curving mixer handle, the mixer faucet is a perfect fit for the bathroom ceramics also available in the range. Temperature and water quantity can be easily set with a simple movement, and the handy diverter valve enables practical switching to a second consumer.

The floor-standing bathtub faucet impresses with its pure aesthetics: the elegant curves of the hand shower wand and the spout are perfectly matched, picking up the motif of the tulip shape. A valve enables easy switching between the bath inlet and hand shower, and the minimalistic mixer handle enables the water quantity and temperature to be set intuitively. The floor-standing single lever bathtub mixer stands out thanks to its sculptural form – especially in a perfect ensemble with the freestanding White Tulip bathtubs and their seamless acrylic paneling.

Similarly impressive is the White Tulip bath inlet with its pared-down design, setting elegant highlights with its gleaming chrome surface. The concealed single lever bathtub mixer perfectly matches the faucets and bathroom ceramics of the collection. The water temperature and quantity can be comfortably adjusted with just one movement, and the handy converter handle also enables ease of switching between the bath inlet and hand shower.