Progress Profiles: the details for the perfect bathroom

Functionality and design for maximum comfort. At Cersaie 2017, Progress Profiles proposed its new solutions that combine functionality and design, making bathroom and shower places for elegance, wellness and relaxation.

The flush-to-floor shower area is convenient, elegant and highly sought-after by a growing and demanding clientele; but to avoid contingencies and troubles, you have to rely on innovative systems and high-quality finishes.

Progress Profiles, for the perfect flush-to-floor shower, proposes:

  • The PROFOIL membrane to ensure the best impermeability and a high adhesion to the support, suitable for floors, but also for walls (picture 1).
  • The Insulation Panel, (picture 1) PROSHOWER PANEL, to be applied before tiles, designed to achieve the perfect slope of shower tray by avoiding different levels. Moreover, by ensuring the perfect slope, it significantly shortens the laying times.
  • PROSHOWER PROFILE (picture 2) is perfect for finishing the perimeter of the shower tray, as well as supporting the protective glass; it is also height adjustable to connect tiles laid on floor level to sloped ones.
  • Finally, PROSHOWER DRAIN (picture 5) is suitable for the perfect flow of water to the drain. It is a modular gutter available in six different lengths and six stainless steel finishing grids, giving a modern design style and avoiding malodourous stagnations.

The aesthetics is also of primary importance: for a minimal bathroom, eliminating bulky heaters is one of the best solutions. With the electric floor and wall PRODESO HEAT SYSTEM, the bathroom can be heated in few minutes, without any waste of energy and clutter, as well as ensuring an important vapor outlet thanks to a special desolidizing and waterproofing membrane made of polypropylene.

Finally, to confer elegance and brightness to the bathroom, Progress Profiles proposes its range of finishing STONE LINE (picture 3-4) - available in many sizes and four different strips’ lines - to create an eye-catching effect material, following the latest furniture trends. The line includes different shades, from white to sandy, but also gray, black and bronze.