Rak-sanit: the sanitary and ceramicware revolution by RAK Ceramics

Safety has always played an essential role in our choices but this is particularly true at the present time, driven by an authentic revolution in the way we organize our living spaces around new lifestyles. This transformation has obliged us, starting from the design phase, to contemplate new sanitation measures that enable us to enjoy our living and working spaces in total freedom and safety.  

RAK Ceramics, an international player renowned for its products and complete systems in gres porcelain and ceramic for floor and surface coverings, sanitary ware and bathroom furnishings, has now launched RAK-Sanit, the company’s own health and safety revolution.

The research and development laboratories of RAK Ceramics are always at the forefront of technology and were the first in the world to supply antibacterial interior design solutions as early as 2009, thanks to the development of special certified antibacterial glazes.  ‎

Today, with the new RAK-Sanit programme, RAK Ceramics offers an even wider range of solutions for floors, surfaces and sanitary fittings, produced with glazes that reduce the possibility of contagion and therefore contribute to creating safer environments, both in the ambit of residential and community projects. 

RAK-Sanit is the ideal solution for modern and safer schools, public and private offices, restaurants, hotels, laboratories and, indeed, all those premises in which hygiene is of primary importance. All those places generally described as “community spaces”, in which numerous people of different ages, genders and cultures make random encounters. Inside, toilet facilities destined for use by all and sundry are increasingly in need of strong, antibacterial elements with a long product life.   

The RAK-Sanit bactericide action is permanent, guaranteeing built-in protection throughout the entire expected product lifetime, thanks to its constant action against microbial colonization; this technology, which has proved its capacity to reduce or eliminate the quantity of bacteria up to 99.99%, including MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and Legionella, actively prevents the growth of micro organisms 24 hours a day.   

More in detail, the RAK-Sanit programme comprises:

  • Solutions for floor and wall coverings in gres porcelain and ceramic, treated with an incorporated glaze that is 99.9% effective in just 8 hours. The products for floor and wall covering solutions are tested and certified* in compliance with the Japanese Standard JIS - 2801:2000 and the International Standard ISO 27447:2019.
  • Solutions for sanitary ware (WC, bidets, washbasins, toilet seats and lids, rinsing systems) treated with RAK-ProTeK glaze fired at high temperatures onto the ceramic to guarantee a smoother antibacterial surface, unlike standard ceramic material with its rougher surface.  

The silver ions bind to the cells: once inside, silver denatures the enzymes essential to the production of energy. Being unable to produce energy, the bacteria are unable to reproduce. This technology is therefore able to reduce or eliminate the quantity of bacteria up to 99.99% and its action is effective against a vast range of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as fungi. RAK-ProTeK glaze has been tested by the Artest laboratory in the Italian ceramic district of Modena.