Smart and emotional: the bathroom furniture for 2018 by Villeroy & Boch

In recent years, the bathroom has increasingly been transformed from a purely functional place into a true living space. Villeroy & Boch's products follow this trend, offering for 2018 spaces that are functional and beautiful at the same time, thanks to the attention to quality of materials, trendy colors and emotional lighting.

TitanCeram stands out among these products: it is a completely new ceramic in which feldspar, quartz, clay and titanium dioxide combine all feature of fine ceramics with an extraordinary robustness that allows to create precise and delicate shapes, with thin and sharp edges. TitanCeram is used in the collections Artis, Memento 2.0 and Finion, in which designers’ creativity creates elegant and practical piece of furniture for bathrooms.

This last line has three baths available, with drain and overflow - Chrome, Champagne or Gold - customizable with the optional metal ring and the lighting. Moreover, in this freestanding bathtub made of Quaryl®, the concept of emotional lighting is enhanced: with a remote control, you can easily turn on or graduate the lighting elements and select the preferred lighting color. The final effect is that of a floating bathtub on a lighted pedestal.

Villeroy&Boch pays also great attention to latest technologies. For example, in the furnishings of the premium collection Finion, wireless charging stations for smartphones are invisibly integrated. Even the mirror and the bathtub are smart: both can be equipped with Bluetooth speakers easily connected to your smartphone. The smart lighting control allows you to adjust the atmosphere in the bathroom according to your mood and the time of day: all Finion furniture models are also available with an adjustable emotional lighting function. Finally, in the collection, one of the mirror is equipped with an optional LED illuminated edge and a smart anti-fog function.