Florim presents “CarbonZero-“: Climate Positive ceramic surfaces

For more than 60 years, Florim has been producing ceramic surfaces in an eco-friendly and people-friendly way. Its dedication to these issues is underlined by the significant investments that have been transparently described since 2008 in its Sustainability Report, which faithfully bears witness to its virtuous, sustainable approach to production.

Florim continues to make investments in order to reduce the impact of its activities. The company has added its commitment to pursuing the goal of net zero emissions to its articles of association and since 2012 it has avoided 129,388 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Until technological innovation means they can be reduced to zero, it has decided to voluntarily offset the emissions of all new collections.

Florim espouses a business model that is good for the planet and it has had B Corp certification since 2020. In accordance with this strategy, it is presenting “CarbonZero-”: a project featuring Climate Positive surfaces that neutralize the CO2 emissions generated by their production process and life cycle, going beyond zero impact.

“CarbonZero-” products actually have a positive impact on the environment because Florim adds 10% by purchasing certified carbon credits from renewable energy projects in developing countries.

The “CarbonZero-” initiative is an additional, tangible effort to combat overexploitation of natural resources. It is part of a carefully considered production strategy that has three long-established driving forces behind it: beauty, innovation and sustainability. Florim has calculated the environmental impact of its products throughout their life cycles. In order to limit emissions from its activities, it has reduced its use of natural resources and invested in making its production process up to 100% sustainable in terms of water, electricity and waste recovery.

Starting from this year, all new Florim collections are part of the “CarbonZero-” initiative, including the new series Essential Mood, Eccentric Luxe, Biotech, Coretech and Stone Life.