FENIX NTM at Pinacoteca di Brera with "Alchemyx"

FENIX NTM®, Arpa Industriale's nanotech material, introduces Alchemyx, an exhibition itinerary that narrates its essence of innovative product and creator of value for interior design projects. The icon of the jester, a symbol for creativity and edgy thinking, becomes a metaphor for FENIX NTM through an extra-large “game” of cards.

During Milan's Design Week, the upper-deck open gallery of Pinacoteca di Brera, houses the graphic reinterpretation of seven iconic wild cards, drawing inspiration from ancient representations hosted in the Milanese museum.

The artists of Van Orton Design (Turin) redesigned the different cards with a "pop" approach, matching bright and strong tones to the new FENIX NTM colours.

Each jester is dye-sublimation printed on a 4 meter tall FENIX NTM Bianco Kos panel, that       highlights the chromatic contrast. The back of each card is transformed into the materic base of tables, design elements made of the nanotech material, depicting the "alchemy process" that brought them to life. The seven design objects, which are the result of FENIX NTM's partnership with leading companies in the industry, are the work of De Padova, Fritz Hansen, Kristalia, Lapalma, Magis, MDF Italia and Pedrali. The front and the back of the cards are connected through structures that represent the alchemy symbols of water, fire, earth, wind, compound, essence and name.

"The idea is to express the soul of FENIX NTM through the concept of alchemy, intended as an ongoing process of research and innovation", states Van Orton Design.

This way Alchemyx presents FENIX NTM not only as a material, but also as an open system that adds value to the interior design world.

The installation is strengthened by the collaboration with strategical partners such as the architect and designer Lorenzo Palmeri, who designed "Navel", the first electric guitar made of FENIX NTM and Wood-Skin, which conceived the back of one of the cards, separation screens for the lounge area and a system of acoustic modules, using Arpa’s nanotech material.

The Alchemyx experience ends with a 15 meter long sequence of Pedrali tables (thickness: 6 mm), where the essence of FENIX NTM can be seen and touched first-hand in order to appreciate its properties, discover the selection of 13 "Solid" colours with matching colour core, available with a thickness of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm and experience the multitude of possible applications of a material created to narrate neverending design stories.