FORMITABLE: when tables become a subject of exploration

FORMITABLE is a line of unique tables created with the discerned individual in mind. Tables draw the focus of every room, be it a center table, a dining table or a sofa table. Because it is around them that everything happens, tables became a subject of exploration for designer Wael Farran. In his mind, tables transcended from a merely functional piece of furniture to an artistic element with a story to tell, while preserving its functional identity. 

Each FORMITABLE has its own narrative, one that will continue and evolve in the space it will inhabit. Each table is unique in its design and material as if imprinted with its own DNA. There are no two alike. Executed by seasoned craftsmen, every design takes shape in a fusion of high-end material and form to transform the space around it, gathering memories and conversations from generation to generation. Every signature table is a masterpiece of exotic fusion between experimental elements, decorative paintings assorted with wood, rusted iron encrusted with soft lacquered wood and oxidized elements mixed with veneers, mother of pearl, metal, bronze, brass and copper

Little by little, FORMITABLE© turned into a format for conversation, a way for Farran to spread his language and views into the world. The pieces transcended from a mere furniture piece into a talking and thinking point that were shared with the world in international exhibitions such as Venice Biennale and Milan Design Week among others.