Opera by Pratic: a bioclimatic design pergola

A bioclimatic pergola for all outside areas. This is the proposal of Pratic, Italian brand specialized in sun coverings for the outdoor. Opera, is in fact designed to meet comfort needs, in line with the principles of bioclimatic architecture: its aluminum blades automatically rotate 140 degrees, enabling the natural circulation of air and the brightness adjustment. Moreover, when it rains, the special rainproof sensors actuate the complete closing of the blades, in order to ensure the maximum protection. In each span, the inclination of the blades can be carried out separately, for the customized modulation of climate and light in every sector.

Even flooring falls within the performance requirements: made of Ipè wooden planks installed with an irregular bridge deck laying, without visible joints, it hides an air conditioning system transforming the spaces into a greenhouse in winter and cooling the environments in summer.

Furthermore, the Slide Glass walls and the Zip Raso vertical blinds (made of filtering fabrics and integrated in the bearing profile of only 22 cm) enhance shade and protection.

The pergola has been recently included into the suggestive tableau vivant realized by the showroom of the Bolognese Frassinagodiciotto studio, for the outdoor makeover. Four spans, a 70 square meters total area and the typical design of the Opera bioclimatic pergola - here realized in the self-supporting and customized grey version - make the gap between indoor and outdoor less clear, thus recreating a stylishly furnished space.