Pierre Cabrera signs a tulip-shaped lamp in HI-MACS

A tribute to the world of nature and flowers, still admitting a technological heart: the “Tulip” lamp, designed by Pierre Cabrera and produced by HI-MACS® combines craftsmanship and high-tech, next-generation materials and a smooth shape resulting in a lithe-looking versatile unit.

Its production process required a specific equipment – conceived and put together by the same Cabrera –  that could wrap on itself the acrylic stone ellipsoidal belt during the thermoforming phase.

Each piece comes laser-signed and available in different sizes, for both large and small environments. Small models – Tulip20, Tulip30 and Tulip40 – adopt the latest Beneito & Faure LEDs, even on the wall version. Bigger models Tulip50 and Tulip60, on the other hand, employ LED lights linked to a dimmer with bluetooth control, compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Technical info:

Size: 'Tulip'20 H 20 cm, weight 460 g, 'Tulip'30 H 27 cm, weight 800 g 'Tulip'40 H 35 cm, weight 980 g, ‘Tulip’50 H 45 cm, weight 2,4 Kg  ‘Tulip’60 H 60 cm, weight, 7 Kg


  • Tulip20/30/40  : . LED 2,5W -  250 lm . LED 2,8W -  308 lm .
  • Tulip50/60: LED 9W – 680 lm e 13W – 1033 lm with bluetooth dimmer, lighting thermostat and gesture control