Officially launched at Progetto Fuoco, held in Verona between 24th and 28th February, the new SPEETBOX BY STARCK collection of customizable, environmentally-friendly heating furniture, is signed by the designer Philippe Starck, the French Group SEGUIN and the company SPEETA. It consists in an innovative energy solution, 100% renewable, compatible with the RT2012 regulation as well as the Low-Energy Building requirements.

SPEETBOX BY STARCK heating furniture revolves around an airtight wood stove, fitted with a steel hearth offering rated power of 5.5 kW. It has been developed to work with or without electricity, and the SPEETbooster electronic start assist system optimises combustion and heat delivery. The revolutionary SPEETBOX hearth provides 79% energy efficiency, compared to 70% for conventional wood-burning stoves and only 10% for traditional fireplaces. The design of the hearth allows burning 30 cm long logs and almost all residues produced by this combustion, thus improving energy efficiency and promoting clean combustion. The SPEETBOX stove thus produces 30 mg / Nm3 of dust at 13% 02 , i.e. almost 3 times less dust than a conventional stove and up to 150 times less than a fireplace.

Customisation is therefore at the heart of SPEETBOX BY STARCK concept. Its flexibility allows each person to adjust the energy equipment in their home to their needs and desires. With almost endless possible combinations of the boxes around the wood-burning stove and the versatility of the modules, SPEETBOX BY STARCK is a unique, scalable and highly adaptable heating solution. Through its flexibility and affordable price, the collection is also ideal for first-time buyers.