Wood and metal furnishing by De Castelli

The warm and timeless hues of copper – riding high again as the unrivalled top material in the newest trend for interior design – refine the exquisite De Castelli furnishings designed by Nikita Bettoni, together with brass, iron aluminium and steel.

Gioiello is a telling name for the elegant cabinet with doors, upscaled by cast brass handles. The inside is finished with either natural or lacquered wood, and its severe shape gets relieved by the feet, lifting the whole piece from the ground. Open shelving and a single drawer complete the work, with the last one standing out as the true stylish detail, characterized by a contrasting pattern of délabré copper and brushed aluminium.

Copper then matches with either brass or iron, both punch cut and hand satinised, to create Mosaico: many small pieces, manually assembled in accordance with the old mosaic technique, giving bright chiaroscuro effects to a console table combining round and straight lines. The inside is finished with either natural or coloured lacquered wood, hosting two small rotating drawers refined with a hand-finished leather foundation. An eclectic surprise set into a furniture with classical tones.

Solometallo finally takes advantage from the bending property of metal to fully express its versatile use and enhance natural colour contrasts. Copper, brass and steel give light to the retrò-inspired furniture, which shows lathe turned aluminium legs and insides finished with lacquered wood and natural leather.