The 360 degree kitchen by Abimis

According to foodies and lovers of culinary art, the kitchen is not just a necessity, but a functional tool to be shared. It should adapt to one’s movements, facilitate actions, follow the different phases of the recipe preparation: quite like a sous-chef does. Abimis kitchens are designed for such a purpose: not a simple sum of various compartments and domestic appliances, but a multi-purpose tool to facilitate cooking.

All the components are equally important and functional and, for that reason, Abimis proposes pans and trays to be inserted in the units of the Ego and Atelier models. The brand has adopted the Gastronorm system, which adopts the professional kitchens’ standard dimensions for containers, trays and machines. Gastronorm containers allows for a functional and simple use, from the conserving to the presenting phase. Kitchens are not only made on the surrounding space, but they are made on the movements and habits of the user.