From ABK Group, a patented technology for induction cooking

What looks like a simple kitchen worktop hides an integrated induction cooking system: we are talking about COOKING SURFACE Prime, the brand-new project by ABK Group that combines the aesthetics of large sintered slabs with an innovative patented technology that makes traditional cooking methods obsolete. 
Protected by a European patent for an “Induction cooking system on a porcelain surface” that has been validated in numerous countries, COOKING SURFACE Prime features interesting technical innovations such as a remote control and the use of customised cookware. In addition to the legal protections granted by the European patent in the countries of validity, which give ABK Group exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights, ABK Group’s induction cooking system is covered by the CE Certificate and the ETL Certificate for the United States. 
COOKING SURFACE Prime allows for optimal organisation of the kitchen space for all activities from ingredient preparation to cooking. The induction system integrated into the worktop cooks more quickly than a gas cooker, transferring the heat directly to the cookware without heating up the surface. This saves energy and allows the worktop to be used for other activities when not cooking.
The COOKING SURFACE Prime induction cooking system must be installed in conjunction with ABK Group slabs sold under the ABKSTONE, MATERIA and GARDENIA SLABS brand names as they are specially designed to reduce stresses within the material. 
These slabs are covered by a 25-year warranty and are ideal for both domestic and professional use. They are naturally resistant to high temperatures as well as stains, scratching and knife blades, allowing food to be cut and prepared directly on the surface. The cooktop material is waterproof and porosity-free, making it easy to clean and extremely hygienic.