Elle by Cesar: modularity and new materials

Essential, contemporary, versatile: the kitchen Elle by Cesar reinvents itself with greater modularity, thus becoming N_Elle. The presence of important blocks characterized by finishes with a strong identity also renovates its image.

The thickness of the door has especially changed its look (from 2.5 cm to 2.2), as for the two most recent models, UNIT and Maxima 2.2: this detail makes it lighter, even aesthetically. Modularity makes the new model suitable for other Cesar lines too, allowing different applications and greater flexibility of design, also thanks to the new program of wall units and columns. The ductility also involves the opening systems, with the introduction in the catalogue – together with the push-pull system – of an inside integrated socket into the door panel.

Regarding the materials, the possibility of customization – already rich of proposals including essences, unicolor laminates, glossy lacquers, ceramics and marbles – has been further expanded with the new finish for agglomerate tops Silestone, consisting of 94% of natural quartz, which makes it particularly resistant.

There are three new compositions: the first presents an island, columns and tops made of Fenix Pietra laminate; the second combines doors and tops made of brushed marble Gray Saint Laurent with columns with glossy lacquered doors Cenere; finally, the third is a solution to give continuity between the kitchen and the living area.

The latter alternative focuses on essentiality and unusual combinations: in the kitchen, the island, the bases and the snack top made of Nordic oak match with stainless steel mat tops and structured lacquered columns Plumbeo and Fumé Gray glass. On the other hand, in the living room, a composition with doors in Nordic oak alternates countertops made of the same material and Gray Saint Laurent marble.