Fossil wood for the new kitchen by Toncelli

An ultra-modern furniture in contents but wrapped in a thousands of years ago material. Essence, the latest product of 2016 by Toncelli Cucine, was created with this aim: resolving the tension between history and innovation, which has always been a focal point of the company’s philosophy. In the new kitchen, the fossilized beech wood - characterizing the collection together with the steel titanium finish used for the cooktop - summarizes both terms: it is a material bringing to ancient times that, at the same time, needs innovative treatments to be used.

Thanks to the use of natural oils and the intrinsic crystallization created by time, which removes porosity, this primordial fascinating matter is not damaged with cooking and does not absorb water, providing a practical and effective support, extremely thin at the sight. Moreover, the veins and the shades emerged after the fossilization provide a great decorative quality, which elegantly enriches the sartorial design of Toncelli furniture.

Furthermore, Essence introduces an accurate system that goes beyond the traditional dichotomy handle less/handle: in fact, the door includes the minimalist lines typical of the handle less kitchens and handle’s manageability, perfecting the solution already introduced in the model Invisibile. This type of opening, realized through a crafted wood processing, is horizontally placed in the bases and vertically in the columns and offers kitchen’s maximum cleaning.

The innovative features can be duplicated thanks to Chef de Cuisine - the furnishing program designed to bring into the house the technology and the typical features of a professional kitchen - which is created to be perfectly integrated into this model.