Maminicuisine®: a mini kitchen made of HI-MACS®

A compact micro kitchen designed for home’s small environments, resorts, dining areas of offices and other common areas. This is the concept of the block Maminicuisine®, made of acrylic stone HI-MACS® and available in two formats, 120 cm and 180 cm.

Resistant to scratches, impacts, stains, thermoformable and workable to erase the visible junction marks, the LG Hausys patented solid surface has allowed to create moldings and insert evenly the sink, as dug into a single block of material without joints, which collect dirt and bacteria.

Maminicuisine® is available with countertop made of HI-MACS®, white (Alpine White) or black (Cima), and with vertical surfaces made of walnut, oak, white or black lacquered, or customizable according to every design needs.