A "Royal Stone" kitchen top

The latest Royal Stone Collection of porcelain tile worktop from SapienStone combines the solidity of stone to an attractive surface with all the advantages of porcelain tiles. The background recreates the pared-back simplicity of stone, accentuating the veining and crystallizations interspersed with lighter tones which give the surfaces a dynamic quality. 

The collection features three options, in format 320 x 150cm and thickness 12 mm: Platinum White, ethereal and sophisticated with lighter white and beige tones, Palladium Grey, a minimalist go-anywhere gray and Black Diamond, bold and intense, illuminated with gold tinges. A color palette of shades suitable for any context, domestic or otherwise, including private kitchens, restaurants or guest houses, providing an eye-catching, elegant minimalism intensified by the dynamic color.

The natural finish chosen for the Royal Stone Collection accentuates the beautiful texture, giving the surface a velvety touch. Like all SapienStone worktops, Platinum White, Palladium Grey and Black Diamond offer fundamental advantages in the kitchen such as impact, scratch, weather and UV resistance, long-lasting durability, ease of cleaning and therefore greater hygiene.