Perfectly maintained surfaces with the new products signed Litokol

As is well known, if you want to maintain interior and exterior floors functional and aesthetically pleasing over the time, it is a good practice to take measures for a constant maintenance by using the appropriate products for each type.

To optimally achieve this purpose, Litokol offers a new specific range of products for surface treatment, which combines professional effectiveness with ease of application.

Removing stains, protecting and storing materials in good condition over the years are in fact the requirements that the new range meets, with Litostone Protector, Litogres Protector, Litocare Matt, Litocare Stone Glossy, Litoseal Terrazze and Litostain Cleaner.


  • Litostain Cleaner. is a water-based stain remover for colored stains. A versatile product, applicable to any ceramic or natural stone surface. It easily extracts various colored staining agents such as coffee, red wine, fruit, juice, molds, algae, ink, etc.
  • Litostone Protector and Litogres Protector are preventive stain removers that provide a long-lasting protection, without altering colors and surface effects, preventing staining agents from penetrating the pores and making their removal fast. The first is indicated for marble and granite; the second one, solvent- based, for polished and porcelain stoneware.
  • Litoseal Terrazze is a solvent-base impregnating agent for terraces and balconies with excellent rising and water resistant qualities. The product gives surfaces high waterproofing properties, eliminating problems caused by water penetration into small cracks, pores and joints. It prevents the formation of molds and efflorescence, is UV rays resistant and does not turn yellow the treated material.
  • Litocare Stone Glossy is a stain and dirt resistant protector, useful for giving surfaces a shiny effect.
  • Litocare Matt is a protective stain and dirt resistant impregnating agent, with a solvent-based matte effect. It is used to intensify the color of ceramic or natural stone coatings, and to restore the color of the joints made with epoxy or cementitious sealants characterized by the presence of efflorescence. The product is UV rays resistant and can be so used on the dry material of internal and external surfaces.