Schlüter®-TRENDLINE, trendy profiles

In the interior design world,  the mood inspired to basically classic and sober colors and materials has proven to be the trend of the moment. The same for interior finishings, where an attentive style is still preferred and intended to overcome the short-lived fashion trends. So, natural colors like ivory, cream, gray and mud are still ruling the roost.

Also concerning materials and colors for walls and floors, nature is today the major source of inspiration. Stones and wood, in both cases of natural and artificial versions, are the most preferred surfaces.

Today, the tendency to decorate with matched and "tone on tone " materials is deeply widespread. Even profiles for floors and walls are so called to respond to this “design mood” and integrate stylistically with ceramics, almost creating a unique example with the surface.

Schlüter-Systems’ new series of TRENDLINE profiles features a whole new line of colors to go with the latest trends in tile. 

"We have made a careful analysis of “trend-scouting " with particular attention to the trends of the Italian ceramics and we were thus able to identify 10 colors spanning all the major trends in interior design - says Georg Peter Schlangen, AD Schlüter-Systems Italia -. The choice of different shades, from warmer to cooler, allows the realization of any current style, ranging from shabby chic to vintage, to industrial and minimalist. Attention to detail is even easier with the range of Schlüter®-TRENDLINE profiles ".

Particularly significant for this project, the definition of the surface. The profiles are made of color-coated aluminum, and feature a textured finish, achieved with Schluter’s proven powder coating procedure. These finishes have been developed to complement tiles made from natural materials, or porcelain that is finished to look natural. An aspect, apparently "soft", that does not compromise in any way the strength and durability of the product. Thanks to this innovative "surface coating" technology, Schlüter®-TRENDLINE profiles are resistant to mechanical and chemical stress.

The new color range is available in the most popular Schlüter profile shapes, in various heights: Schlüter®-RONDEC (rounded), Schlüter®-QUADEC (squared) and Schlüter®-JOLLY (flat), and boasts a wide selection of special pieces to take care of each project in detail.

Di particolare importanza nel progetto che ha dato vita alla nuova gamma di profili colorati, è la definizione della superficie: oltre a fondersi visivamente con la ceramica circostante, grazie alla leggerezza della struttura i profili risultano estremamente piacevoli al tatto. Un aspetto, all’apparenza “morbido”, che non compromette in alcun modo la resistenza e durabilità del prodotto. Grazie a un’innovativa tecnologia di “surface coating” i profili Schlüter®-TRENDLINE sono resistenti a sollecitazioni meccaniche e chimiche.

La nuova gamma colori è disponibile nelle tre tipologie di profili in molteplici altezze: Schlüter®-RONDEC (arrotondato), Schlüter®-QUADEC (squadrato) e Schlüter®-JOLLY (con un solo lato a vista), e dispone di una vasta scelta di pezzi speciali per curare ogni progetto nei minimi dettagli.