3D structures and color: the new Tempera by Ragno

Tempera is the new proposal by Ragno, made of porcelain stoneware for coverings and composed of a mixture of neutral tones, bright colors and a rich palette of surface effects, suitable for both residential and commercial spaces with a modern and lively atmosphere.

The rectified format 30x90 cm is available in 6 colors, 2 three-dimensional structures, decorations and mosaics matching the substrate to suggest the maximum versatility of composition.

Available in all color versions, the structure Trape is a tribute to the Japanese art of origami. Installed on the entire wall or in combination with the substrate, its geometric pattern gives three-dimensionality and movement to the wall on which it is installed.

The three-dimensional structure Shangai, whose thin horizontal lines draw a canneté pattern, can be used for a wall-to-wall installation or areas alternated with a bronze-colored metal strip to create environments with dynamic aesthetics.