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Ragno presents Realstone Argent

Ragno presents Realstone Argent, the latest stone-effect ceramic collection

Ragno presents CleanOut, a new antimicrobial technology

CleanOut by Ragno is the new antimicrobial technology for ceramic floors and walls. It suppresses the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, molds and fungi, neutralizing unpleasant odors and reducing the bacterial load up to 99.9%.

Ironstone: the reinterpretation of iridescent metals on stoneware

Ragno reinterprets on stoneware the iridescent graphics of metals with its new Ironstone collection, designed to meet the increasingly widespread trend in interior design of using distinctive materials for floors and walls.

Ragno and its 5 new stoneware collections for contemporary interiors

At Cersaie 2019, the year in which it turns 70, the ceramic brand Ragno presents its new collections of porcelain stoneware surfaces

3D structures and color: the new Tempera by Ragno

A proposal made of porcelain stoneware for coverings composed of a mixture of neutral tones and bright colors and a rich palette of surface effects.

The decorations of the 1900s are back in "Abitare"

Colors, geometries and decorations of the early 1900s grit are revisited and modernized in the new collection of surfaces by Ragno.

An eclectic "Patina" for floors and walls

A contemporary palette that alternates neutral tones with striking ones such as Marsala red, for cross-applications on floors and walls.

The small retro format for the eclectic "carpet" effects

The ceramic brand Ragno renews its proposal inspired by classic cement tiles by launching the collection Ottocento.

A_MANO: Ragno reworks the decorative majolica

The classic design turns into contemporary patterns and modular components to reinvent the spaces.

Eden: the waxy majolica brick by Ragno

The brand of ceramic Ragno​ presents EDEN, a waxy majolica brick in the format 7x28 cm.

Quarzite, Cardoso and Jerusalem: three stones for Ragno’s stoneware

The aesthetic beauty of three precious stones finds space in a cross-over technical stoneware collection, designed for the interior and exterior of private and public environments.

Baked clay inspiration for "Epoca" by Ragno

6 formats and 4 natural colors characterize the new porcelain stoneware line that has a strong link with tradition.

Powder and Terracruda by Marazzi and Ragno

The urban cements and the old building materials reinterpreted in the porcelain stoneware. 

Ragno presents the wooden effect stoneware Woodtale

The new porcelain stoneware is inspired by the reused oak, proposing an aged look typical of the used wood.

Laying wood effect tiles and "cementine"

Video tutorial by Ragno (Marazzi Group): tips concerning the installation of wood effect porcelain tiles together with porcelain "cementine" decorations from Rewind collection.

Handcrafted majolica inspiration for Frame

Ragno presents Frame, the monoporosa wall tiles collection of white paste perfect for a residential use in the bathroom.