Powder and Terracruda by Marazzi and Ragno

Powder, the new ceramic proposal by Marazzi, is a reinterpretation of the urban cement in the porcelain stoneware with a soft surface and the casual graphics characterized by delicate rims and shades enhancing the imperfections of the matter.

The collection is available in 5 colors (3 warm: Sand, Crete, Mud and 2 cold: Smoke and Graphite) and 3 sizes - rectified 75x150, rectified 75x75 and the hexagonal 21x18,2. The decorative kit includes: a decoration “Deco”, the composition of hexagonal tiles in a warm variant and a cold one; a decoration “Liberty” in the format 75 x75 also in two variants, warm and cold, and a 30x30 mosaic available in all colors. Powder can be used both for floors and walls, both for residential and commercial contexts.

Also Ragno, the brand of the Group, has news: it presents Terracruda, a ceramic inspired by the sun-dried ancient building materials made of clay and straw. With a range of contemporary colors, the non-reflective satin surface is soft to the touch. The graphic on the surface gives a natural movement to the walls, while the three-dimensional structures of the decorations and the mosaics move them with a play of shadows and lights. Terracruda combines perfectly with the stoneware concrete, stone or aged wood effect, installed with the traditional manner or in a herringbone pattern.

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