Quarzite, Cardoso and Jerusalem: three stones for Ragno’s stoneware

The aesthetic beauty of Quarzite, Cardoso and Jerusalem finds space in a cross-over technical stoneware collection, designed for the interior and exterior of private and residential environments, public and commercial ones such as shops, restaurants, bars and hotel halls.

Realstone, is the new ceramic proposal by Ragno inspired by stone, which is declined in three versions of which it retrieves the appearance: Quartzite, available in gray and white; Cardoso stone, in gray color; Jerusalem in ivory, walnut and gray.

Depending on the series, the line includes a range of rectified sizes: from 30x60 cm up to 60x120 cm, 75x75 cm, 60x60 cm and 50x100 cm with a thickness of 20 mm for laying outdoors floors with glue or dry laying on sand, gravel or grass.

Moreover, the finishes - natural, structured and soft - give the product different material’s properties, enhancing its versatility and thus making it suitable for a variety of interior and outdoor styles. The three series are also available in the mosaic version, ranging from 3D 30x30 cm to wall or “spaccatella”, 30x60 cm or 30x30, and in a mix of hexes that can be combined with all colors.