The small retro format for the eclectic "carpet" effects

The ceramic brand Ragno renews its proposal inspired by classic cement tiles by launching the collection Ottocento: tiles in 20x20 cm format, with a tumbled edge in line, which resemble the retro style of the old recycled surfaces for environments with an eclectic style, combining tradition and modernity.

Used on floors, bathroom or kitchen walls, turned into decorative panels or as a finish for worktops, these ceramics offer different possibilities of combination and laying.

2 mixes alternate different decorative subjects in warm or cold tones, 8 decorations in two colors are designed to create ornamental "carpets" to complete dusty solid colors.

*technical info

  • Porcelain stoneware
  • 8 colors: Cobalt, Earth, Amber, Talcum, Pumice, Basalt, Cadmium, Ocher
  • 1 format: 20x20 cm
  • “Mix” Decorations: a pattern of 20 different decorative elements, available in two colors that can be combined with warm and cold tones, to get a contemporary version of the recovered "cementite"
  • “Carpet” Decorations: 8 graphic elements have been selected and interpreted in two colors to create decorative carpets, which can be matched with other materials or can be in perfect harmony with solid colors.