Ragno presents the wooden effect stoneware Woodtale

Woodtale, the new porcelain stoneware line signed Ragno, by Marazzi Group, is inspired by the reused oak, properly restored and processed, proposing an aged look typical of the reused wood. With different widths, the wood-blocks are characterized by amber wood shades, with the typical signs of time.

Each block has grains, cracks, knots that make it unique and precious; the surface is soft to the touch to give firmness to the matter, with a wide variety of colors that enhances the graphic movement between the blocks.

The color range has 5 shades: birch, honey, hazel, oak and walnut, perfect to create warm and comfortable atmospheres.

Thanks to its great cross use, the 30x120 20x120 15x120 multi-format collection is designed for the laying on floors and walls of residential and commercial environments. The XT20 version - 20 mm thick - is suitable for the laying of the outdoor, to be laid on grass, gravel and sand, adhesive-laid in driveways and as raised flooring of public and private spaces.

Moreover, you can find interesting matching proposals with other materials (concrete-stone-marble) to enhance the natural surface and create contemporary mix.