Ironstone: the reinterpretation of iridescent metals on stoneware

Ragno reinterprets on stoneware the iridescent graphics of metals with its new Ironstone collection, designed to meet the increasingly widespread trend in interior design of using distinctive materials for floors and walls.

The range is available in silver and the darker cast iron, and just a natural surface in the rectified formats 75x150 cm, 75x75 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm. Two mosaics and two decorations complete the collection: the 30x30 cm mosaic with 5x5 cm tiles, cast iron or silver colored, and the 37.5x37.5 cm floral mosaic, consisting of two modules – A and B – made with 4 tiles, 6 cm in both colors. These two modules create a floral composition and follow a specific laying pattern that can be indefinitely repeated.

The mosaic stands out for its sophisticated graphics and a strong decorative feature, it is mainly designed for walls, even if it can be used on floor with no particular anti-slip needs; - two laser decorations - Retrò and Tribal - in the two color versions and the 75x75 cm format. The first one resembles an ancient brocade, made modern by the iridescent surface on which the motif has been engraved; the second one has neat and precise features with the style typical of tribal tattoos.

These decorations can be used on both walls and floors and, due to the special processing, they are produced on demand. The representative metal effect of Ironstone collection makes it ideal for both residential and light commercial contexts; the decorations are also particularly suitable to stress specific spaces within an environment, such as hotel receptions or other front desks.