Baked clay inspiration for "Epoca" by Ragno

Baked clay inspiration for the new line of porcelain stoneware signed Ragno, the ceramic brand of Marazzi Group. “Epoca” is characterized by a natural palette that has a strong link with tradition, also regarding the formats, which conceptually incorporate the iconic terracotta tiles, in the hexagonal version too, particularly impressive on this surface that reinterprets the past.

The possibilities of adopting a modular installation of the different formats together with the several decorations increase significantly the solutions to use. The sustainable collection created with a closed-loop can be used both for floors and walls, both for residential and commercial spaces, and also for the outdoors with the version without straightened edges.

* Technical information

  • Porcelain stoneware;
  • 4 colors: Ocher, Pink, Dark terracotta, Red Terracotta
  • 6 formats on natural surface: 60x60 cm rectified, 30x30 cm, 15x30 cm,15x15 cm, the hexagonal 21x18.2 cm and the 7x28 cm;
  • 15x30 cm format on a surface without straightened edges for the outdoor;
  • 60x60 cm rectified antiqued decoration available in two versions that can be matched to ocher;
  • 21x18.2 cm cementine decoration available in all colors;
  • 30x30 cm and 15x30 cm “carpet” decoration that can be matched to ocher and red;
  • 7x7 cm “cabochon” decoration that can be matched to ocher and red.