Handcrafted majolica inspiration for Frame

Ragno, a brand of Marazzi Group, presents Frame, the monoporosa wall tiles collection of white paste: inspired by the artisan majolica and reinvented with new colors, it creates a connection between tradition and contemporary design, perfect for a residential use in the bathroom. The combination between soft tones and more vivid variants makes the collection’s products pieces of great visual impact and with many possible arrangements.  Seven are the colors of the range, including four neutral (Milk, Cream, Khaki, Sterling) and three brilliant (Plum, Aqua, Indigo), with a glossy surface, completed with 3D structures, decorations and mosaics.

The product is of 25x76cm size and 10.5 mm thickness, with a slightly raised edge, highlighted by the digital design that seems to frame it. Moreover, the new line is environmental sustainable because it is realized through a closed-loop manufacturing process with recycled materials.